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Health & Dental Plans

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The cost of health care is rapidly rising and governments are downloading costs to the individual. There are innovative new plans for you, your family, and employees. Select from various plans to cover:

Plans are issued on the first day of each month. Premiums are a medical expense for income tax, or a business expense if you are self employed. A medical questionnaire is required for most plans; however limited coverage is available without medical information.

Thank you for your interest in our innovative health care plans. Based on the information you provide we will design a plan to suit your needs through the various companies we represent.

Sign up online with one of our carriers, "Manulife", under one of its Individual or one of its Association Flexcare and FollowMe Health & Dental Plans, or The Great West Life Assurance Company under one of its Sonata Healthcare Plans.

See also the Ontario Ministry of Health for more information on health issues in Ontario.

Insurance Premiums:

Rates depend upon: age, plan selected, number of people covered. An individual under age 45 for a basic dental/drug/health plan would pay approx. $62/month, while someone age 58 would pay $81.00. Comprehensive plans would be almost twice this rate. Discounts are available for couples and families.